Reality Port

Reality Port is a shared workspace that allows you to seamlessly collaborate and work within VR and AR on your own projects or with collaborators around the world.


  • Work with images, 3D models, websites, videos
  • Use simple tools to draw, add notes, measure, take photos and more
  • Set-up controls and integrate datafeeds that allow you to interact with the outside world


Coming Soon


At Leading Role we believe in crafting experiences through a holistic approach encompassing the full range of user and customer-focused design through production, deployment, and analysis.

Discovery and Design
Strategy and Prototyping
Testing and Validation
Support and Logistics
Analytics and Reporting



A city has been overrun by cybernetic forces under the command of a rogue AI. Your team, the Cyber Threat Task Force, has been dispatched. Your mission: track the source of the attack and take it out.

One of the most intense experiences in VR today, CyberThreat throws you into the action and gets you moving across a vast 17 block urban battlefield. With incredible freedom of movement including running, jumping, climbing, gliding, teleportation, jetpacks and more the game delivers an incredible sense of immersion and exhilaration.

Download and Play Today from (602) 236-3381.

Experience CyberThreat at your local VR Arcade. Coming Soon to VR Arenas.

Wild West Racing

Currently in production, Wild West Racing throws you in the saddle for a madcap dash across the old frontier. Designed for multiple players, Wild West Racing lets you bring your posse along too.  

What's Coming

We have even more exciting releases in the works. Check back soon for updates.